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2019-04-10 00:39:05
The biggest obstacle to homeownership is the downpayment.

If you're spending 40%, 50%, 60% of your income on rent how can you save money for downpayment?  Through Crowdfunding.

Until now lenders wouldn't let you.  Downpayment assistance is limited to close family members, employers, community non-profits or your church and all had to have significant documentation.  This program is different.  It's free across the board.  Receive multiple small tax free cash gifts from anyone.  It's not just to help people who are barely making their downpayment.  It's to help people utilize their community and sphere of influence to be able to help add to the downpayment that may already have been saved.  You can use the money for downpayment, closing costs, to buy down the interest rate, etc.  This is a way for families to come together to step towards homeownership.

HomeFundMe makes it easier to raise money from family and friends, your network, social media, etc.  It's a much more thoughtful approach to homeownership anyone happens to pass.  

HomeFundME is built on the premise that it takes a community to support a first-time buyer.

This social platform is designed so that family, friends and acquaintances from all networks can contribute to the home buyer's success.  HomeFundMe connects directly with social networks like Facebook and Twitter, so users can share their campaign with their friends and families.
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